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Mechanical Design

Our mechanical engineering designs are created to provide a comfortable and healthy atmosphere inside each structure while considering the unique needs of the owner, architect and end user.  We aim to create high performance solutions that are maintainable, sustainable and functional.

Electrical Design

The electrical systems in today‘s buildings are more precise and demanding than ever before. The design is no longer as simple as lighting and power overlaid onto an architectural background, the electrical systems form the foundation that makes the building come to life, and our engineers understand that.

Plumbing Design

The plumbing systems of a building may be the most dynamic in terms of function and form, providing fresh water for the building for drinking, cleansing and more, but must also be designed to consider the removal of storm and sanitary wastewater in a safe and effective manner.  Our plumbing team will design a system to meet client objectives, but to also consider efficiency, functionality, sustainability and longevity.

Technology Design

Every structure needs a dependable technology framework that can stay at the forefront of today’s rapidly evolving and technology-driven world.  Technology engineering design looks at the infrastructure needed to create a reliable connected network that can integrate seamlessly with the data cabling, audio/visual and security systems.


Commercial and institutional buildings account for more than 40% of the energy used in the United States, and as such, energy codes are becoming more aggressive with every adoption. With a mantra of “We can do better,” our team feels responsible to never settle, to seek the best solution, and to make smart recommendations that respond to your building priorities and unique needs.


One of my first memories of KBSO beyond the excitement and energy exuded by Kelley & Seun, which is contagious, was their mantra we can do better. Since the beginning of our relationship, KBSO has been faithful to their mantra, always looking to provide creative, but solid engineering solutions in a very collaborative manner. Thank you Kelley & Seun for your passion for sustainable design and for commitment for doing it better!

Warren Whitesell

Associate Vice President for Facilities Management DePauw University

I appreciate all of the great work that KBSO does and the service that your team have provided on projects. We look forward to KBSO assisting us once again on upcoming projects!


Sr. Facilities Project Manager Healthcare Client

Our Roots

KBSO Consulting LLC was founded by Kelley Bieghler and Seun Odukomaiya with a simple mantra: We can do better. We believe, as an industry, we can do better to conserve the resources and historic structures around us. We also believe that the best work comes from an enriched and unified team. Together we want to change the paradigm for how buildings are designed. We push the boundaries of possibilities to deliver high quality, sustainable solutions through collaborative engineering. We’re always seeking new challenges to grow our collective expertise and break further out of the mold.

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Our Process

Step 1 See What's Possible

Alleviate the risk of the ordinary and unknown by ensuring your individual needs are met.

Step 2 Create Your Vision

Bring to life your right mix of the practical and the visionary.

Step 3 Raise The Bar

With problems solved, you're free to enjoy the results, with fresh expectations of sustainable design.

What You Can Expect

We become an extension of your team, guiding you through planning and construction.

Our team focuses on creating possibilities and delivers without excuses.

Designed using the latest smart systems, our spaces save you money, energy, and enhance the environment for occupants.

We thrive on challenges and your questions. It’s how we create better solutions for you.

Ready for Better?

Better technology. Better energy savings. Better service. Better results.