Employee Spotlight

We had a chance to talk to him and learn more about his motivations and goals as he celebrates two years with us!

What were your favorite hobbies growing up? Do you still do them today? I liked to run around in the woods and outdoors in general.  Rollerblading, playing with LEGO sets and building structures with my hands were what took up most of my time.  I still own a tub of LEGO bricks but like my rollerblades, I rarely use them.  I still enjoy getting outside.  I am a scoutmaster for Troop 107 in Franklin Township and prior to the quarantine we camped once a month.  I still enjoy hiking trails and walking sidewalks until I have a sunburn (city hiking).

What is a lesson you have carried throughout your career? Always look at a problem from the perspective of someone who has never turned a bolt or hammered a nail.

When you are not designing and building, what do you do? Design and build some more. I draw homes for friends and family and am still working through my design for the last home I ever intend to live in.  I am also involved in scouting and occasionally my masonic lodge.

What was the best concert you have ever been to? Ben Folds.  Every time he plays.

What is one piece of advice you have for a younger version of yourself just entering the field?  Find a good mentor and latch on, having a strong resource is essential. A good mentor can explain not only what to do, but why.

What were the most memorable projects you have been a part of? I was involved in a library renovation at Indiana State University at a past firm that married modern with eclectic vintage which was a lot of fun.  The architect was not afraid to mix antique looking fixtures with cutting edge lighting while only having a door to separate them.

Who inspires you? Nikola Tesla, Wayne Rooney, Tony Stark

What is the best piece of professional advice you have ever received? Never be afraid to ask a question.

What is one goal you plan to accomplish during your lifetime? I intend to design the architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology to build my own home.

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