Employee Spotlight

This month we want to spotlight Chris Ehlers, Sr. Mechanical Designer.  We had a chance to talk to him and learn more about his motivations and goals.

Where did you grow up? Hanover, Indiana which is a small town that overlooks the Ohio River.

Tell me about your family. My wife Kristina and I have three daughters, Livia (20), Julia (17) and Adalynn (8). Livia is in her Junior year of College and has a passion for Mission Trips, she will be going on her 3rd trip in about a month. Julia is finishing up her Senior year at Carmel and will be attending College next fall, probably Ball State or Indiana State. Our youngest Ady is in competitive cheer so that fills up most of her time as well as ours.

Tell me about your background. My degree is in Architectural Engineering. I always wanted to be an Architect when growing up but ended up on the Engineering side of my degree.

What were your favorite hobbies as a child? Did they mimic what you do today? I spent a lot of time helping my dad in construction growing up and working on my grandparent’s farm as a kid and teen. Both things have helped guide me to my career path.

What is a lesson you’ve carried throughout your career? Never stop striving to become better, always learn, listen and never be afraid to ask questions and offer solutions.

When you’re not designing and building things, what do you do? Usually spend time with friends and family. We like to entertain and have people over to our house for dinner and drinks, especially in the spring and fall when we can enjoy our outdoor patio and deck.

What’s your favorite spot in Indy?  When we do get a chance to go out, we really like a brunch place downtown called Milktooth.

What was your favorite vacation spot and what is your dream vacation? I’m not sure I have a favorite spot, but I do like being anywhere with warm weather and a beach. My dream Vacation would probably be a private Yacht with close friends and family in the Mediterranean where I could fish daily.

What’s your ultimate project? That’s a tough one, I’ve worked on a lot of cool projects in my career. I guess it would probably be designing my own home and building it on my own. Somewhere warm on the water where I could fish every day.


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